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Travian Game Utility

Welcome, on the site of the Travian Game Utility (TGU). This site is about an application that is build around the browser based MMOG (massive multiplayer online game) with Romans, Teutons and Gauls, called Travian!

The application is programmed in by Pactuul. It started 16 September.
For more information about the game, go to Travian. For more information about this application, read on !


1) Keep Up to Date
Pull data from the site or from an older map.sql aviabable on this site (this link).

2) Easy to use naviagation
Drag and Move the map. Double click to re-center, zoom-in and out.

3) Loads of information aviable
Highlighting a town displays all you need to know. Right click on a town to view all the options aviabable for it, such as showing the village's alliance, calculate travel time, and viewing the town’s page in browser.

4) Help File Included

5) Switch between servers with ease.
Make multiple server profiles to specify your home-town and custom options for that server.

6) Partial Spelling looks for names and villages.

7) Travel Time Calc
Find out how long it takes to get from point A to point B with any race and any troop.

8) For the raiders: Filtering the map based on what you need to know.
Filter for max and min populations, alliances, and/or races.

What are the requirements?

Actually, you don't need much more then the installation file. Next to that, you need the newest Microsoft .NET Framework. A regular updated pc will be able to run it smoothly though.

Old News

There's a new version, check out the Downloads section to get version 0.4a !
Also, I added a new menu-item, Bugs. If you found one, check that page for more info what to do.

We have a new host and with that, we also changed our address. Update your bookmarks ! We want to say big thanks to d-hosting for hosting our website.