Here you can download your own version of TGU ! Older versions are listed at the bottom, but not recommended because they contain certain bugs and/or miss certain features..

!! Important !!

Uninstall any other version, and delete the folder too, before you install the newest version!

November 9, 2005: Version 0.4a    <<<<< Newest

Older versions

There will be three older versions available for download

September 22, 2005: Version 0.2b
September 22, 2005: Version 0.2a
September 16, 2005: The first version


Version 0.4a

New: Travel Time Calc.
New: Filter Current view based on race,population, and/or alliance.
New: Multiple Server Support. Create server profiles and switch servers on the fly.
Background color changed on map.
Village/Player name look ups support partial spellings (ex: 'pact' returns player 'pactuul').
Removed population change view due to bugs (this will re-instated as soon as I can do it).
Switch between multiple days for a server.
Allows to assigned the day that data is imported from the server or from a file.
Jump to webpage to view a town's village or alliance (right click on town and select 'view ....'