F.A.Q. stands for Frequently Asked/Answered Questions.

Question: What's the newest version, and where can I get it ?
Answer: Version 0.4a, download here.

Question: I want feature X, what to do to get it done?
Answer: Of course the creator will decide if a feature will be realised. Right now we already have a big list with feature requests, but of course we don't mind you letting us know what your idea is. You can, for now, post it in the ingame forum where a topic has been made about this program. Link

Question: I don't see my village ? How come ?
Answer: This can be caused by several problems: When the database was created, your village didn't exist yet. Or the name of the village and/or player contains a low comma ( , ). Due to programming reasons those are skipped. It might be solved in next versions, but that's not sure yet.

Question: I don't want a minimum or maximum population for the filter, what now?
Answer: Leave the fields empty.